The Island

Naxos is the Largest island in the Cyclades with an area of 429 square kilometers , the island has a mediterranean climate ,with mild winters and hot summers . The highest points is Mountain Zas which stands at 1004 meter.

The population is around 18,000 people and the main town and capital of the island is also called Naxos .

Naxos is a popular  tourist destination known for is beautiful beaches ,ancient ruins and traditional villages.

Naxos is accessible by ferry from the main ports of Athens and other nearby islands,and by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki.

Naxian History

Naxos has a rich and diverse history that spans thousands of years .

Naxos was inhabited in prehistoric times and play an important role in the early Cycladic civilization , in the 8th century BC became an important centrer of Cycladic culture with a prosperous economy based on agricolture ,fishing and crafts. It was also a major religious center with several temples dedicated to Greek Gods.

Until 4th Century was a powerful city-state  with its strong navythe island was conquared by Persians on the 5th century and Athenians in the 4th ,later in the 4th century become a part of byzantine Empire and its remained until 13th century during this period Naxos become a center of Christian culture with several churches and monasteries being built .From 13th -16th century during this period was conuared by Venetians , and in 16th century until 19th century was conquered by the Ottomans ,Naxos became port of Greece in 1831 And since then island has experienced groth with focus on tourism ,agriculture and fishing and became a popular tourist destination .